Before we begin thinking "How a project is going to look or function?", we partner with you to carefully examine the objectives of the task at hand. We assess and define the goals early on to develop an overall strategy. The Focus Phase involves information architecture, content development, audience analysis, and budget/schedule refinement. This ensures that project status is fully available to the customer. Effective quality systems & an effective delivery model ensure the success of the project.

Since it is imperative for all involved to be fully aware of the project status, our Online Clients Co-ordination System allows project status reports to be accessed over our dedicated customer support channel. Using this system, the client can ask for project appraisal reports as and when required.

Our Quality Assurance Framework provides us with the foundation to ensure the highest standards of quality in web designing development and implementation. We follow internationally recognized quality standards to maintain consistent quality. At the same time, our project management framework enables us to adhere to well defined and strict timelines and schedules by following rigorous implementation of internal development methodologies.

The personalized attention, combined with understanding of our clients' needs, creates a mutually beneficial relationship, allowing Bhardwaj INet to provide outstanding service and innovative solutions both efficiently and economically