Reseller Level Features

Web Design House offers a full service, flexible payment plan Search Engine Optimization package. You can choose whether you would like to purchase a search engine optimization package upfront for a full twelve months. If you prefer you can choose the cost per click Search Engine Optimization campaign where you pay only when the web pages that Web Design House designed for your website receive traffic or you can choose the Pay On Page Placement search engine optimization package where you pay only when your Web Design House designed web pages appears high in the listings on Google. All search engine optimization packages include a keyword analysis, keyword density checks, at least fifty extra web pages for your website, created full of customized search engine friendly content and uploaded to your website. All Web Design House search engine optimization customers will also be designated an account manager for a full twelve month period. Your account managers will provide ranking reports on your positioning on each keyword on Google at your request or at least every 4-6 weeks. You will be provided with a stat counter so we can track the exact amount of traffic each keyword generates to your website and monitor the success as the weeks go by. Web Design House will also provide a ranking report before attaching the work designed by our SEO engineers and graphic design team so you can see visible proof that the web pages Web Design House graphic designer designs for your website improve your positioning and give your company a far greater presence on Google due to our search engine optimization techniques here at Web Design House. No matter what Search Engine Optimization campaign you choose, you will be treated exactly the same as the next customer.

Do Web Design House offer any guarantees on their search engine optimization services?

In the Google guidelines it clearly states that no one can guarantee positions on their search engine. It is not ethical and is openly abused by many companies involved in search engine optimization online to take money from customers on false promises they know they cannot deliver. Web Design House account managers develop a close relationship with customers whilst monitoring their online marketing campaigns throughout the year. It is therefore essential from the onset that the customer is aware of all possibilities of keyword placements not being the 'number one spot' on Google. Web Design House utilise inhouse experts with many years experience in the field of internet marketing and advertising to find the most cost effective form of advertising and marketing online for companies. Customers for the first time can pay on performance only. The customer has the choice which Search Engine Optimization campaign they wish to choose. Which search engine optimization package is it going to be - the cost per click, the Pay On Page Placement or the pay upfront for twelve month payment ? You choose!

How long will the search engine optimization process take?

Once you have sent Web Design House your approved targeted keywords, it will take between 2-6 weeks to complete the page creation and usually around 5-8 weeks for changes to reflect (or initial positioning to be gained) in Google due to our search engine optimization.!

Where will I appear once my search engine optimization package is complete?

Our search engine optimization process ensures that you'll be perfectly positioned on the major online search engine - 'Google' in addition to smaller search engines and portals.

How long does the search engine optimisation last?

The search engine optimisation campaign lasts for a full twelve month period whereafter you have the option to keep the work Web Design House has done for your website and renew your Search Engine Optimisatiion campaign for another twelve months on the various payment plans offered ie pay on performance, pay cost per click (cpc) or payment upfront for another full twelve months management from Web Design House.

What if my positioning drops due to the search engine optimisation package?

If you notice a serious drop in your positioning you should immediately contact your Account Manager at Web Design House who will be able to schedule a search engineer to attend to the issue. There are many factors that may cause a drop and depending on what the factor is an appropriate course of action will be taken. It is highly unlikely that your positioning will drop as Web Design House tend to help customers that are struggling to find positioning on Google.

Can search engine optimisation cause a site to be kicked off a search engine?

This is a question we hear frequently about our search optimisation techniques. The answer is simple - no! Our search engine optimisation service is ethical, in other words we don't attempt to 'trick' the search engines merely to bring the relevancy of your website to the attention of search engines in order to promote your positioning. We adhere to the Google guidelines.

What else Do I need to know about the search engine optimisation process?

We only work with sites that adhere to the Google guidelines for website design. We don't work with companies that already employ unethical Search Engine Optimizatiion methods. Web Design House do what they can to support you and your website in gaining the best position possible and develop a relationship so that Web Design House keeps your custom year after year.

does search engine optimisation affect the running of my website?

The pages that Web Design House add to your website for effective Search Engine Optimisatiion will in no way effect the running of your website. It will be the web pages designed by Web Design House that your customers find in the listings on Google and your customers will be able to go straight to your order page and purchase as per normal.

We currently take secure payments on our website - will this be affected?

We do not take over the running of your websites as we do not alter your original site at all. We merely add extra body to your website that are designed with the same look and feel as your site using our Search Engine Optimisatiion techniques. You will still be able to update your site as per usual. Web Design House Search Engine Optimizatiion methods do not affect the running of your site.

Can I remove or add content to the web pages designed by Web Design House?

Yes. All you need to do is call your designated account manager at Web Design House and request the changes. We will endeavour to make changes to ensure you have a successful Search Engine Optimisatiion campaign throughout the year. Your success is our success.

If I take a search engine optimisation campaign, do you take control of the site?

We do not take control of your website and we do not alter the original content of your site, although the web pages designed for your website on any search engine optimisation package you choose with Web Design House will look as though they are the original content of your site.

Is their any additional hidden costs with the 12 month package?

The search engine optimisation 20 keyword package offered at reasonable prices for a full twelve months is a one off fee including all benefits offered at Web Design House i.e. stat counter, twelve months account management, search engine ranking reports etc.

Are the optimised pages designed identical to our site layout & design?

The pages designed for your Search Engine Optimisatiion campaign are designed with the same look and feel as the web pages already on your website. The end user will be able to access any of the pages you wish them to via links on our search engine optimised web pages.

After the initial 12 months, can i change my search engine optimisation package?

Yes. On renewal you can choose whether you would like to pay a one off fee, cost per click (cpc) or you may choose the Pay On Page Placement search engine optimisation package.

Why is your cost per click search engine optimisation campaign more beneficial?

No company can beat Web Design House on price. With a website promotion campaign with Web Design House, you get upto twenty (20) web pages that are designed specifically to be search engine friendly added to your website. The web pages will be designed for each 20 keywords you approve that you would like your website to be found under. With Web Design House Search Engine Optimizatiion deals you also get a designated account manager for twelve months. You get a ranking report at your request or at least every six weeks to check the position of search engine optimised pages designed by Web Design House and you get a stat counter available 24hrs, so we can both track the success of each and every page of your campaign and calculate payment at the end of each calendar month from when your sitemap (optimised pages targetting your 20 keywords) is uploaded. It will be the web pages that Web Design House design with our Search Engine Optimisatiion skills that will be clicked on when a customer enters your website. Apply now for a quote and compare our prices.

What makes Pay On Page Placement search engine optimisation cost effective?

The first three pages on Google and most search engines gain a lot more usage than any of the other pages. If you are not listed in at least the top 30, stats show that you are loosing out on a large amount of traffic and potential buyers for your business. To gain a position on the first page on Google is a phenomenal achievement as over 80% of all traffic use the listings and you do not have to pay per visitor to your website. You will have an account manager keeping an eye on each page doing what they can and making recommendations on changes to get you high in the listings. The payments are one off and you only pay once Web Design House have succeeded in providing you with a successful Search Engine Optimisatiion campaign. To show that we have achieved top positioning for you gives us credibility and pride when introducing customers to our Search Engine Optimizatiion packages here at Web Design House. Get a quote and check our prices.

Why is your search engine optimisation services worth (price vary on industry - please call for quotes) a year?

You get extra web pages added to your site. This alone is worth £100's. Your have a designated account manager looking after your company for a full twelve months, sharing your desire to have high positioning in the listings. The price vary on industry - please call for quotes. Search Engine Optimisatiion packagse include changes and redesign throughout the year, until we get you high in the listings. We also offer you the choice to choose one of our other flexible internet advertising campaigns if the price quoted for your package is not what you are after.